Important Fire Questions

If a small fire breaks out and you have an extinguisher available to help put it out, you should quickly ask yourself a few questions to make sure you can actually put out the fire.  The first question is:

Is this fire caused by burning wood or paper? Or is it burning plastic or rubber?  If so, this is a type A fire. Type A fires commonly burn trash.

The next question is:  Is this fire burning a liquid? Is that liquid a petroleum grease, tar, oil, or a solvent?  If so, this is probably a type B fire.

A third question is: Is this fire caused by electricity? Is it coming from a power outlet or overloaded power strip? This is a class C fire.

Will my extinguisher put this fire out? Look at the label to see if your extinguisher will work on the fire. Most extinguishers work on multiple types of fires, such as the 5lb Buckeye ABC fire extinguisher.

Some final questions: Is there metal on fire? Do I work in a factory or industrial plant? If you do, this is a class D fire. Your facility should be prepared for the types of metal that can catch fire, such as magnesium, sodium, and potassium.

Liberty Lending’s Mortgage Options

People looking to purchase a home in the city of St. Louis or in the state of Missouri should look into Liberty Lending. This group of lending consultants focuses on the unique goals of each client. They evaluate the specific loans that might suit some clients better than others and decide on the best option. Three popular options are listed here:

It turns out that USDA loans in Missouri might not need a down-payment and should include affordable rates. There is also the added benefit of payments that do not increase over time.

St. Louis VA loans are an attractive offer for anyone who served or is serving in the military. Some military spouses are also eligible. These types of loans are often easier to attain than the type of loan a civilian would pursue.

An FHA loan has fewer restrictions than a normal loan. This loan applies to people who previously had financial troubles. Such difficulties include bad credit, bankruptcy, or foreclosure.

The owner of Liberty Lending, Jason Emerson, said that the goal of their lending plans is to ease the burden of paying for a house so that funds are available for other pursuits, such as home improvement projects or college degrees.

What Does a Criminal Lawyer Do?

There are many types of lawyers and each has a speciality.  Corporate lawyers help businesses with legal responsibilities and tax lawyers deal with the complexities of the tax code.  But one type of lawyer that is commonly known is a st. louis criminal defense lawyer.  This type of lawyer works to defend someone accused of a serious crime such as murder or theft.  The other crimes that fall under this category are drug charges, different degrees of assault, abuse such as child and domestic, rape, robbery, burglary, and arson.

When someone is formerly accused of a crime, a prosecuting attorney will represent the state or federal government, often referred to as “the people.”  The person accused will be represented by a defense attorney.  No matter how severe the crime, the defense lawyer is always looking for the best possible outcome.  This is, ideally, a ruling of “not guilty.”  In many other situations, evidence exists to suggest some degree of guilt, so a defense lawyer looks to reduce the punishment.  These include fines or prison stays.  Defense lawyers do well if they can reduce the amount of money their client has to pay or shorten the amount of time that has to be spent in prison.   

When to Hire a Photographer

Think of the last time you were part of a group photograph.  It might be quite some time ago because selfies have become very popular, but try to remember the feeling of asking a stranger to hold your phone or camera while you stand with your family or a large group of friends.

That stranger is now responsible for the quality of your photograph.  If you are lucky, they understand lighting, angles, composition, and the rule of thirds.  They know how to focus your camera or adjust the flash of your phone.  If they don’t understand these things, which is likely, you are just plain out of luck.  Your photo might be blurry or poorly lit.  If someone is blinking at the wrong time you won’t know until it is too late.  The person taking the photograph doesn’t know what they are doing and although everyone in the photo looks great, the photo itself does a poor job of showing it.  

This principle is why product photography exists.  If you want to sell your product online, you will need a picture of it.  The person who takes the picture is almost as important as what is being photographed.  The photographer understands how to portray the product in the best way possible.  We don’t recommend hiring a professional photographer for a casual dinner with your family, but if you intend to sell something online your smartphone might not be the best option.

The idea for this post comes from Zone Ten Product Photography Studio.

Reasons to Customize

There is a nearly unlimited list of things you can customize these days.  You can turn ordinary items into humorous standouts with personal messages.  Mugs will always say “#1 Dad” but they become truly special when someone’s name becomes part of that phrase.  Signs can be generic and will spread a message but become far more effective when the message is personalized and specific.

There are other reasons to customize items.  College students customize clothing to show off individual style, and if they are in a fraternity or sorority they display their letters on everything from T-shirts and hoodies to polos and sweatpants.  One such company that sells T-shirts in Columbia, MO found that students put their custom Greek letters on custom clothing instead of buying the same lettered clothing as their peers.  Customized clothing also works great as a gift.  Clothing with a nickname shows how much the buyer cares and can serve as a means for laughing far into the future.

Special occasions are an ideal time to order customized items.  They commemorate the event with humor or meaningful insight.  Customized items also have practical purposes.  Cups with custom names on the outside don’t get lost or borrowed as easily. Pants with a nickname on them don’t get worn by the wrong person.