Three Trends Coffee Shops Must Embrace

Millenials Love Coffee Shops, Win Them Over with These Trends

Coffee shops have always been a staple of urban living.  From college campuses to the streets of Williamsburgh, New York, coffee shops are the epitome of hip and trending living.  For the longest time, coffee shops got by with just coffee.  In the 1990s when Starbucks exploded throughout North America, espresso-based drinks became popular.  Now, we’re entering a new era, an era of opinionated-progressive young people who are loyal to their local cafe.  These are three trends coffee shops need to follow to win over the next generation.

A Unique and Customized Experience

There’s a rebirth of independence and individualism.  The next generation’s mainstream is to ditch the mainstream.  Young people want a customized and unique experience.  Part of the next generation’s coffee philosophy is staying loyal to one coffee shop.  They want to be able to visit a cutting-edge and trendy cafe that caters directly to them.  As a whole, coffee shops and cafes are actually quite similar, however, creating a unique environment on a local scale will win over millennials and younger.

Things like custom coffee sleeves, custom printed coasters, attracting niche markets, trendy decor, and memorable beverages are just some of the ways to customize the customer experience.

Custom Coffee Sleeves (Image: Sleeve-A-Message)

Custom Coffee Sleeves (Image: Sleeve-A-Message)

Serving Trendy Beverages

In an episode of the hit 90s comedy Seinfeld, Kramer, a well-known hipster doofus, is labeled as being trendy for drinking cafe lattes.  Yeah, that’s right, in the mid-1990s people who drank cafe lattes were hip.  Today, espresso beverages are a dime a dozen and black coffee is actually more hip than a cafe mocha.  Nonetheless, hipsters are still managing to innovate and create new beverages.

There are two fairly new beverages that will likely play the biggest role in the next wave of trendy coffee drinks.  Cold-brewed coffee and nitro-brewed coffee are two very trendy drinks.  Cold-brewed coffee must be adapted by every coffee shop that wants to remain trendy with millennials and young people.  Cold-brewed coffee is a must.  Nitro-brewed coffee, on the other hand, is a little less of a must.Nitro-brewed coffee has a texture much like a traditional beer.  It gets its beer like texture and unique taste through being infused with nitrogen.  Both beverages not only allow a coffee shop to diversify their menus but also make room for further customization.  Coffee shops can customize and brand their cold-brewed coffee and serve them in to-go containers.

Nitro-brewed coffee has a texture much like a traditional beer.  It gets its beer like texture and unique taste through being infused with nitrogen.  Both beverages not only allow a coffee shop to diversify their menus but also make room for further customization.  Coffee shops can customize and brand their cold-brewed coffee and serve them in to-go containers.

Nitro Coffee (Image: Know Your Grinder)

Nitro Brew Coffee (Image: Know Your Grinder)

Having a Progressive Core

Coffee drinks are a rather progressive group of individuals.  This isn’t changing either.  The next generation is consistently labeled as progressive and places a greater importance on social justice and responsibility.  Coffee shops willing to stay relevant and avoid garnering a bad reputation must be a progressive establishment at its core.

This trend isn’t necessarily about being politically correct.  Coffee shops serving fair trade and organic beans or roasts will gain a better reputation among young people.  Additionally, cafes and coffee shops that are involved in their communities will also perform better among the next generation.

Fair Trade Coffee (Image: TreeHugger)

Fair Trade Coffee (Image: TreeHugger)

Check Out These Custom Gift Ideas

You Need These Custom Coasters!

Customization is all the rage.  It has been for the past few years and still is.  People young and old love te ability to customize or personalize something and make uniquely theirs.  However, you can only customize a cutting board or wine glass so many times before it gets old.  Given that there’s still a demand to have customized and personalized gifts, I’ve decided to switch it up a bit and show you the coolest customizable gifts and items available.

Swiss Army Knife

The Swiss Army Knife is no stranger to the personalization craze.  However, it’s still somewhat of an underdog.  Swiss Army knives are extremely handy to have even if you just use them as bottle openers. True Swiss Army knives are also super-high quality.  Right now, Pottery Barn (one of the top-dogs in personalized gifts) is offering a real Swiss Army knife for under $35.  For less than $10, you can get it monogrammed.  This personalized gift is great for a tool box, tackle box, camping trips, and everyday use.

Get this personalized Swiss Army Knife

Get this personalized Swiss Army Knife

Newlywed Intersection Art

Another personalized gift that isn’t a stranger to the trend, wall art is often overdone.  However, this wall art is one of the cooler personalized gifts I’ve seen.  An amazing gift for newlyweds or maybe a couple just celebrating their anniversary, this artwork features a street sign with two streets.  Each street is customizable to feature each spouse’s last name.  It really is a truly unique tribute to marriage and relationships.  The price is a little steep ranging from $75 to $175.

Customized LP Vinyl Records

A somewhat new entry into the scene, you can’t go wrong with this custom vinyl record.  Vinyl is all the rage right now with record stores seeing more customers than ever before in recent years and most indie and some pop bands releasing their new albums on vinyl.  This custom vinyl record is a great gift for the music lover.  It even features actual tracks that you can customize.  It goes for $150.

Personalized Coasters

These personalized coasters printed up with eco-friendly ink by Coast-A-Message are the cheapest you’ll find.  They’re disposable so they aren’t the most durable coasters, however, given how cheap it is to print them, you can have a variety of designs made per order.  Some ideas for designs include the wi-fi password or your favorite quote.  The possibilities are endless!

Buy this Custom Coaster

Customized Coffee Sleeves

Another fantastic custom design option is custom coffee sleeves.  Printed with water-based ink on recycled materials, Sleeve-A-Messages coffee sleeves go great with a nice custom coaster.  The design possibilities are endless.  Sleeve-A-Message also plants a tree per 7,000 sleeves printed so it’s a win-win!

Create your own custom coffee sleeves

Create your own custom coffee sleeves

Now Is the Time to Buy Cold Weather Apparel

Take Advantage of Supply and Demand, Score Great Deals on Cold Weather Apparel

The United States is undergoing a major change at the moment. It’s a turbulent change that has many up in arms. I’m talking about the summer heat of course! It’s that time of the year again and throughout North America, the summer heat is gradually working its way into our lives. Where it might have been 70-degrees just a week ago, it’s up near 80 every day now. It’s not early spring anymore whether you like it or not.

Of course with the changing seasons comes a changing wardrobe. While Forever 21 sells out of sundresses and J-Crew sells out of shorts, you shell out hundreds of dollars. This isn’t the way to do it. I’m not suggesting you wear long pants and a Gortex coat all summer long. No, I’m simply letting you in on a little secret that boils down to common sense. Now’s the time to buy your winter wardrobe at a remarkably low price.

Now's The Time to Buy Cold Weather Apparel

Now’s The Time to Buy Cold Weather Apparel

If you think about it, buying cold weather apparel now makes a lot of sense. Retailers still have some cold weather apparel in stock. Even though retailers can’t mark down last season’s apparel fast enough, it just won’t sell. That’s because consumers don’t do a great job planning ahead. You don’t have to be one of those shoppers spending $500 for a coat. Here are some tips and tricks to find the best online deals on cold weather apparel.

Don’t Look In Store

It might not always seem like it but retailers have very limited space. If you wanted to buy cold weather apparel in-store, you missed your opportunity a long time ago. Early spring is the best time to look in store for last season’s apparel. Even then, the discounts were dismal. In-store discounts, especially seasonal, are little to get excited about. Anyway, limited floor space means cold weather apparel is quickly shipped back to distribution centers, warehouses, or other stores where cold weather apparel can still be sold.

Don’t Buy from Big Retailers

Big box retailers rarely mark down seasonal gear. That’s because they sell their cold weather gear in limited quantities knowing that they can get more money from the people that really need the apparel, Additionally, super big chains and large online marketplaces are able to sell their apparel throughout the globe. Very little Americans know this but it’s actually about to be winter in South America and other places south of the equator. In some regions, it’s about to get chilly. Retailers that operate on a large scale will still get sales from customers in the southern hemisphere. That’s why Amazon and Wal-Mart will only briefly offer discounts on cold weather apparel to American customers.

Buy From Exclusively Cold Weather Apparel Retailers

Take advantage of the situation. Retailers that sell exclusively cold weather apparel are often the most vulnerable to seasonal changes. Of course, the big name retailers are able to shift merchandise around, smaller local brands and distributors are not. They have no other option but to discount gear, especially gear that cannot be sold next season, at very low prices.

There you go. You’re on your way to scoring the best deals on cold weather apparel and gear. It’s as simple as understanding supply and demand. Very little demand and a surplus in supply mean you get a low price.