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Reasons to Customize

There is a nearly unlimited list of things you can customize these days.  You can turn ordinary items into humorous standouts with personal messages.  Mugs will always say “#1 Dad” but they become truly special when someone’s name becomes part of that phrase.  Signs can be generic and will spread a message but become far more effective when the message is personalized and specific.

There are other reasons to customize items.  College students customize clothing to show off individual style, and if they are in a fraternity or sorority they display their letters on everything from T-shirts and hoodies to polos and sweatpants.  One such company that sells T-shirts in Columbia, MO found that students put their custom Greek letters on custom clothing instead of buying the same lettered clothing as their peers.  Customized clothing also works great as a gift.  Clothing with a nickname shows how much the buyer cares and can serve as a means for laughing far into the future.

Special occasions are an ideal time to order customized items.  They commemorate the event with humor or meaningful insight.  Customized items also have practical purposes.  Cups with custom names on the outside don’t get lost or borrowed as easily. Pants with a nickname on them don’t get worn by the wrong person.

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